A world without venture capital firms

“Es el mismo perro con diferente collar” In recent years, we’ve seen considerable pressure on venture capital firms to diversify their partnerships. Since only 7% of partners at the top 100 venture funds are women, the reflexive argument is that venture partnerships should hire more women. However, we believe this represents a backward-looking step, not […]

A solution for the obsolescent restaurant industry

“Dios está en todas partes pero atiende en Nueva York”  In 2013, CookUnity CEO Mateo Marietti found himself in a stranger’s home in Athens, having the conversation of his life. The stranger was Konstantinos, a Greek chef fluent in five languages and former resident of Barcelona and New York. Introduced earlier that day by a mutual acquaintance, […]


In a recent conversation with Nacho de Marco, our blog partner and super successful Argentinian entrepreneur now living in SF, the subject of advisors for a start-up came up. Everyone seems to have an advisory board. Why? And are they useful? It made me realize that having formal advisors is a very Silicon Valley construct […]