Our story

Latam Entrepreneurs was created by Gabriel Manjarrez, Leonardo Shapiro, Ignacio De Marco and Avikk Ghose, four entrepreneurs with startup experience in Silicon Valley and Mexico.

We believe the Mexican startup ecosystem is at a turning point with the number and quality of entrepreneurs and ideas growing exponentially over the last three years. In addition, the public sector has created funding and structure to promote a strong ecosystem and new investors are actively making angel and VC investments. We see an approaching wave of startups addressing significant opportunities in consumer Internet, mobile and other sectors.

There is a lot of knowledge in Silicon Valley, gained through decades of experience, that is still being learned in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Our goal is to help accelerate that adoption by taking hard-earned lessons from the world capital of entrepreneurship and venture investing and applying them to the cultural and economic contexts of this vibrant and rapidly growing region.

Our goal is to contribute, in a small way, to help grow the Latin American startup ecosystem for the benefit of everyone.

We look forward to your thoughts!


Gabriel, Leonardo, Ignacio and Avikk