Hope dies last

“La esperanza es lo último que se pierde” In January 2015, my father passed away as a result of cancer. A professor emeritus at the University of Washington, my father had a well-lived life. He worked on the first lunar samples from the Apollo missions and made scientific discoveries such as the new mineral Ghoseite. […]

Lesson #1

We all come to the Valley for pretty much the same thing…we have a huge idea that can change the world (or at least, disrupt an industry). Yeah! Welcome to the Shark Tank! However, to create your company, you need two main things: money and talent. So back in February of 2015, we had successfully developed an […]

How two Columbia engineers hijacked mobile commerce in Latin America

In winter 2013, two Columbia engineers walked away from glittering opportunities in New York to start a new venture in Guatemala. After discovering shared interests in their second year, Javier Mata and Frank Pinto kept in touch as Javier later founded a vacation rentals startup and Frank developed software for a Techstars company. Raised in […]

An interview with BBVA CIO on the future and challenges of banking Part II

This is part II of the interview with Hugo Nájera. If you missed, part I, you can find it here. Hugo Nájera Alva is head of digital banking at BBVA Bancomer. He is in charge of multichannel technology, digital channels, financial inclusion, new digital business, virtual payment systems and digital marketing. Previously, he was chief […]

An interview with BBVA CIO on the future and challenges of banking

In my last post, I presented some of the challenges for the financial industry and a few ideas how to overcome them. Following up, I’ve conducted a series of thought leader interviews to share insider knowledge on opinions and potential solutions. This post is Part 1 of 2 of at chat with Hugo Najera Hugo Nájera Alva is head of digital […]