Building Real Startup Funding in Latin America

Silicon Valley is the epicenter of tech entrepreneurship for good reason – far-sighted founders established a new model of finance, venture capital, that suited the innovative spirit of technology and entrepreneurs. They have capitalized on their initial successes by inventing new models of finance: angels, super-angels, microVC, etc.; all fueled by the wealth released by […]


Email is the bomb. The best thing ever. Arguably the most powerful business tool around. However, it can also be a debilitating crutch. Since the late 90’s, email has been the best way to communicate without intruding and at the same time leaving an all-but-indelible trail for future reference. You know all this (you probably […]

A resource for software usability insights

“Cuando las barbas de tu vecino veas pelar, pon las tuyas a remojar” In April, the FDA approved Zykadia, a new medicine for non-small cell lung cancer developed by Novartis. Novartis received approval after positive results in Phase 1 clinical trials involving over 240 patients across 30 countries. During clinical trials, Novartis researchers worked to […]

The importance of knowing your customers

Everyone who has considered entrepreneurship has probably come across The Lean Startup. I’m referencing Eric Ries’ book here because of its predominance, even though there are a few other authors suggesting similar practices. While they may differ on some subjects, they all agree that user-centered design is the way to go when architecting a new […]